Venice Photo Diary One: A Romantic In Venice

“A realist, in Venice, would become a romantic by mere faithfulness to what he saw before him.” – Arthur Symons

On Saturday night, with five minutes to spare, I boarded the FlixBus in Nice, which would take me on a twelve-hour journey to Venice. I still have no idea where I arrived, somewhere on the edge of the City of Water. It was so early in the morning, not even seven, that it’s still sort of a blur how I got to the city.

I took a water taxi and wandered the early morning streets, long before the city opens its eyes. I sat at a church until the cafes opened, and then waited at the cafes until I was able to check in with my host family.

Two days later, I sit under my (partially effective) mosquito net at my host home in Dorsoduro, Venice’s quiet university district, writing this very article. My first day of school was a success. It’s the first time I’ve taken afternoon courses and I think I prefer them to the morning classes. I’m able to sleep in, thus I have more energy for classes. I also have more time to enjoy the daylight and attend class when I might’ve taken a nap.

I’ve barely put my toe in the water, as far as exploring the city goes. I found a cool bookshop and the Grand Canal, a big bridge and a dozen mask shops. There’s a lot more to do, but I can’t wait another minute to share these pictures with you.


Liberia Acqua Alta, a staircase made of books
A small bridge in Dorsoduro
Fresh pasta


The Grand Canal



Child feeding the birds
Rialto Bridge

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